‘Avengement’ DVD Review

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Stars: Scott Adkins, Craig Fairbrass, Thomas Turgoose, Nick Moran, Kierston Wareing, Leo Gregory, Beau Fowler, Louis Mandylor, Terence Maynard, Ross O’Hennessy, Daniel Adegboyega, Mark Strange, Greg Burridge | Written by Jesse V. Johnson, Stu Small | Directed by Jesse V. Johnson

Well sh*t… Scott Adkins just had to go and step it up a notch with this very Brutal, very British, hugely funny and fairly orginal Brit crime drama. Boasting a superb leading man performance from Adkins and a delightful supporting cast of top Brit talent.

So I saw the trailer, then I read the synopsis, I looked into the cast list and instanly thought ‘Well I know how this is going to go’. However I do love a lot of the cast involved in the flick and I am known to enjoy a good Brit crime thriller. Add to this Adkins has never failed to deliver when it comes to punch-y,
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