Movie Review – Deadsight (2019)

Deadsight. 2019.

Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook.

Starring Liv Collins, Adam Seybold, Ry Barrett and Jessica Vano.


A man with partial blindness and a young pregnant police officer must work together to escape from a deadly virus that has spread across Grey County.

Jesse Thomas Cook’s take on the zombie genre begs an unthinkable question of circumstance – how would one survive the apocalypse without eyesight? Deadsight isn’t about redefining subgenre mythologies, but instead ponders how impairment would hinder survival chances. The filmmaker behind Septic Man and Monster Brawl enjoys playing outside genre normalcy, yet struggles to wash the rotten stench of walker generics from his unique character viewpoint (or lack thereof). It’s an undead flick void of reinvigorated vision – meant both literally and figuratively in this case.

We meet Ben Neilson (Adam Seybold) in a Rick Grimes scenario: regaining consciousness inside a medical environment amidst an apocalyptic outbreak.
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