Are Summer Blockbusters Getting Worse?

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Are Summer Blockbusters Getting Worse?
While many people view summer as the time to relax, go on vacation and get some sun, this time of year is also known for another reason: its massive blockbusters. Many big studios take advantage of the time when kids are off of school to release some of their biggest box office draws in order to get the largest profit they can, which is why so many massive movies tend to be released between May and August. However, for whatever reason, these summer blockbusters seem to be getting worse and worse every year.

This year, a majority of the summer blockbusters have been major let downs. Movies like Men In Black: International, Shaft, Anna, Ma, Dark Phoenix, The Dead Don't Die and Godzilla: King of the Monsters were all met with horrendously negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. We've only seen a few decently good summer blockbusters so far this year,
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