‘Svaha: The Sixth Finger’ Review (Netflix)

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Stars: Jung-jae Lee, Ji-tae Yu, Min Tanaka, Jin-young Jung, Sang-woo Lee, Lee Jae-in, Jung-min Park, Seung-chul Baek, Seon-kyu Jin, Jung-min Hwang, Hong-pa Kim, Suk Mun, Ji-hwan Park, Ji Seung-Hyun | Written and Directed by Jang Jae-hyun

Svaha: The Sixth Finger, brought to Netflix as part of their commitment to Korean programming, is directed by Jang Jae-hyun and stars Jung-jae Lee as Pastor Park. A spiritual occultist who investigates documented religious sectors to decipher their intentions for either good or for evil. Park is hired, along with his understudy, played by Ji-tae yu, to look into the cult group Deer Mount. Unbeknownst to the two, Chief Hwang (Jin-young Jung) begins to investigate a murder that has links to the group. Both sides collide in unearthing a haunting conspiracy and are fully thrown into a horrifying investigation that is filled with secrets.

Jang Jae-hyun’s film is cocktail of Roman Polanski’s The Ninth Gate
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