007: 10 Things From The Films That Aged Poorly

Few film series have run even half as long as James Bond. The debut feature was 1962's Dr. No, starring Sean Connery. The actor played the character five consecutive times before George Lazenby was cast. Then, Sean returned once more before Roger Moore took the reigns. The role can change actors without resetting a timeline or disturbing the continuity, so it seems like the world's favorite MI6 agent may be out in the field forever.

Given how old some of the films are getting, some things within them that haven't aged well. Film making has changed along with societal norms, making some parts of the movies cringe-worthy by today's standards. This list will point out ten egregious things that haven't gotten better with the passage of time. This doesn't mean that the whole movie is terrible or not worth watching; criticizing part of a piece doesn't indicate that the whole thing is trash.
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