Opinionated: Heyman & Bischoff – What Could They Bring to WWE in 2019

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So, fans of WWE (and wrestling in general) will likely have heard the latest news that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, two mainstays of pro-wrestling for decades, have been given brand-new roles in WWE as Executive Directors of Raw and Smackdown Live respectively. These, as far as news has told us, aren’t on-screen roles, but will give Heyman and Bischoff control over their respective brands and the two men will be responsible for overseeing the creative output of each show.

This is huge news and has been greeted with more positive than negative by fans. I’m in the camp that says “yay, something new to help shake things up and possibly improve the overall WWE product” and so should everyone else be.

2019 pro-wrestling is a very different animal to the animal that growled and prowled when Heyman and Bischoff were in charge of Ecw and WCW respectively in the late 90s.
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