Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Emmy Ballot Too Big? Julia Roberts In ‘The Birds’? ‘House Of Cards’ Alternate Endings?

A column chronicling conversations and events on the awards circuit.

Emmy voting closes in three days. The reason I know that is because as a Television Academy member you are constantly reminded to vote, and that is the notice I got today, as opposed to yesterday, when it was four days. I wonder if they just send this no matter what, or if they really know I am a straggler and have not yet cast my ballot.

It’s not that I won’t — it’s just that I, like many others, keep procrastinating because, based on experience, it is quite daunting just to get through the damn thing. As a member of the writers branch I have five categories of hundreds of submissions to peruse, and then there are about 20 program categories to also go through in choosing those you think are worthy. The numbers are mind-boggling with some reportedly 732 programs — 165 drama series alone.
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