Fascism and Fútbol Feature in Chilean Series Project ‘The Saddest Goal’

  • Variety
Pamplona, Spain – Chilean production company Manufactura de Películas pitched its unconventional Pinochet-era drama “The Saddest Goal” today at Spain’s Conecta Fiction TV co-production and networking TV event, held in Pamplona.

Set during qualification for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, a period of great political instability in Chile, “The Saddest Goal” kicks off as the Chilean national team is set to leave for their match against the Soviet Union in the Ussr. On the same day, Pinochet’s coup d’etat kicks off in earnest, the team’s German trainer disappears, and the players resist leaving their families behind amongst the turmoil, although few understand how bad things will get in the coming days.

Soccer and fascism have an unfortunate relationship in Chile, as the country’s national stadium in Santiago was used as Pinochet’s torture and detention center. A fiercely nationalistic and proud man, Pinochet viewed the match against
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