Podtalk: Singer Noraa is Ready to Break Through in the USA

Chicago – One the most exciting moments in the culture of music is the anticipated new talent sensation. Warner Music Group’s Elektra France recently discovered a German-born singer known as Noraa – who was supplementing her music career by working as a school teacher – and took her out of the classroom and into the recording studio. She has already made in-roads in her native European scene, and now is poised to conquer the USA. Her first single, “Lie to Me,” was released in April, and is already made its way to radio station and streaming playlists in Europe and America.

With her sultry air and deep global perspective, the Pop R&b style singer/songwriter has been tenacious on her road to success. With her combined background – born to a German mother from Cologne and an African father from Chad – she grew up with the influences of gospel, soul and African rhythms.
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