The Avengers (Sort Of) Meet The Justice League This Summer In Marvel Comics

Even though epics such as The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, DC vs. Marvel Comics and Jla/Avengers are long behind us, I’m sure fans of the Big Two remain clamoring for more crossovers in the future. To be honest, I wouldn’t rule out such a thing down the line, but it appears as though something like that won’t happen in an official sense anytime soon.

Fortunately, Marvel has a way to circumvent this in a way, as they have the Squadron Supreme at their disposal. For those unfamiliar, this gang consists of analogs for DC’s most iconic heroes. Instead of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman making up its ranks, there are Hyperion, Nighthawk and Power Princess. Funny enough, this was taken to new heights when Adam West voiced Nighthawk on The Super Hero Squad Show.

Thank to Jason Aaron, this concept will soon become more “meta.
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