The Use of Ads in RoboCop, Total Recall & Starship Troopers

Ryan Lambie Jun 1, 2019

Commercials and TV form an integral part in Paul Verhoeven's classic sci-fi films, RoboCop, Total Recall, and Starship Troopers...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

"I looked at American society in a kind of dazed way when I was doing RoboCop," director Paul Verhoeven told Den of Geek UK a few years ago. Back in the mid-80s, when he was better known for his Dutch films like Soldier Of Orange and The Fourth Man, Verhoeven was still getting used to the pace and tone of American culture - and his outsider status arguably fed into the wry, spikily satirical edge in all three sci-fi films he made while in Hollywood.

"It was all so different from living in Holland," Verhoeven recalled. "A lot of my, let's say, amazement, at American society is in RoboCop; in the commercials, in the news reels and so forth,
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