It Came From The Tube: Paper Man (1971)

Technology is never to be trusted; as evolved as it has become, the thought of sentience and ill will striking back at our computer dependent life will never go away – and kids, just because you use Incognito, nothing is ever really gone. (Trust me.) Enter Paper Man (1971), an early entry into the A.I. Paranoia Sweepstakes that is pretty prescient and a damn entertaining thriller to boot.

Originally broadcast as part of The New CBS Friday Night Movies, Paper Man fought it out against ABC’s lineup of Room 222/The Odd Couple/Love, American Style and NBC’s World Premiere Movie, surely losing to the former’s solid roster. The world was just not ready for computer hijinks if it didn’t involve Stanley Kubrick or Kurt Russell.

Let’s open up the old fusty TV Guide and scour the data:

Paper Man

Five college kids find themselves in danger
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