Film Review: Maria (2019) by Pedring Lopez

The theme of the female vigilante with the additional value of the protagonist being a very beautiful woman not previously associated in any way with the action genre, has been working quite well recently for the Philippino film industry. In that fashion, after Richard Somes‘s “We Will Not Die Tonight” with Erich Gonzalez came Erik Matti’s “BuyBust” with Anne Curtis and now was the time for the latter’s co-protagonist in “No Other Woman”, Cristine Reyes, to play Pedring Lopez’s “Maria”.

The rather generic story involves a former BlackRose cartel assassin named Lily, who, after refusing to complete her last mission, has escaped and managed to evade the grasp of the syndicate, even forming her own family. Some years later, and as the power struggles in the organization, between Kaleb and Victor, the two number 2s in the hierarchy, rise over the assassination of an influential politician,
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