Ben O’Toole goes to hell in comedic thriller ‘Bloody Hell’

Ben O’Toole (Photo credit: John Russo).

Ben O’Toole is playing the protagonist in Bloody Hell, a dark, comedic thriller which the producers hope to turn into a three-film franchise.

Directed by Alister Grierson and scripted by Robert Benjamin, the film is now shooting on the Gold Coast, supported by Screen Queensland and the Gold Coast City Council.

O’Toole, whose credits include the Roache-Turner brothers’ Nekrotronic, Nicolai Fuglsig’s 12 Strong and Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, plays Rex Coen, an American with a mysterious past who lives in Boise, Idaho.

He decides to escape from his own personal hell by fleeing to Helsinki, where life just gets worse. Caroline Craig, Matthew Sunderland, Travis Jeffery, Jack Finsterer and newcomers Meg Fraser and David Hill play members of a Finnish family.

The premise for O’Toole’s character was imagining what would happen to Bruce Willis as Die Hard’s John
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