‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’ DVD Review

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Stars: Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson, Nick Thune, Louis Herthum, Stana Katic, Maximillian McNamara, Jacob Ming-Trent, James A. Watson Jr., Marianne Bayard, Adrian M. Mompoint, Matt Mings, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Guy Clemens | Written by Brian Sieve | Directed by Diederik Van Rooijen

At the fingertips of Diederik Van Rooijen’s horror, The Possession of Hannah Grace, is an engaging, ghoulish and terrifying prospect of intense atmospheric horror with a terrific setting to inject some superb frights. That said, it becomes quite painful to report that within the first ten minutes of the films short eighty-six-minute running time it fails to convince the audience what you’re watching is actually nightmarish, nor express the quality of horror it has at hand. Ultimately, Rooijen’s film with every opportunity takes the easiest and most simplistic conventional avenue possible with so little inventive cinematic narratives or attributes examined, leading to a deeply unimaginative picture.
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