Bumblebee director discusses his original plans for Megatron appearance

This past December, every Generation One fan’s childhood was brought to life on the big screen by director Travis Knight in the all-too-brief Cybertron battle sequence in Paramount PicturesTransformers spinoff Bumblebee.

The sequence featured cameo appearances from some of the franchise’s most beloved characters in their classic 80s designs. Unfortunately, the film’s ties to Michael Bay continuity meant we never got to see the most feared Transformer of all, the mighty Megatron, and Knight has been speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his original plan to include the Decepticon leader.

“I had this whole thing that I boarded out myself where I had Megatron in there,” said Knight. “He comes into the scene just absolutely levelling shit, just laying waste to everything in his path like Sauron in The Lord of the Rings. We had a [new] design and a partial build and everything. I was so excited,
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