Shameless: 20 Things About Kevin And Veronica's Relationship That Don't Make Sense

Showtime's hit comedy-drama series Shameless primarily focuses on the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, but for some fans, the most entertaining and enjoyable stars of the show have always been their neighbors Veronica and Kevin Ball. The Gallaghers have tried and failed to find love on countless occasions and seem incapable of maintaining a serious relationship for longer than a few weeks, but Kev and V have stuck with each other through thick and thin and many viewers believe them to be a practically perfect couple.

While it's true that the Balls have gone through a lot together and seem happier than ever nine seasons into Shameless, fans really shouldn't be so quick to deem Kevin and V's atypical romance as "relationship goals." Even though Kevin and Veronica always seem to enjoy each other's company, often find themselves on the same page about important issues, have done a solid job raising their twin daughters,
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