Rita Wilson on Her Walk of Fame Honor and New Album

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Rita Wilson on Her Walk of Fame Honor and New Album
Rita Wilson is everyone’s best friend, one of those performers who appears as beloved in real life as on the screen. As Meg Ryan’s character says in “Sleepless in Seattle” after mistaking Wilson’s character for a romantic rival, “She looked like somebody we would’ve been friends with.” Of course, acting is only one facet of her personality; she’s also a heralded singer and award-winning producer. But to so many people, she’s instantly identifiable as a welcome presence on screens.

“I’ve played the wonderful, warm, kind, understanding sisters, aunts, mothers, daughters, friends, and I have loved it,” Wilson says of her roles in hits including “Now and Then” and “It’s Complicated”; she is on screens now in “Gloria Bell” as Julianne Moore’s bestie. But she has also enjoyed going against type in recent roles. “Playing a narcissistic mother on ‘Girls’ was so liberating.
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