Film Review: My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1989) by Patrick Tam

A tragic love story at heart, this triad action drama turns into a blood bath in the final reel with plenty of bullets flying, slo-mo action and freeze frames thrown in.

The story kicks off in a bar by the seaside run by Uncle Cheung; his daughter Lap works there as a waitress and she has a boyfriend Rick Ma who also works at the same bar. Uncle Cheung is actually a retired triad man; soon he is talked into doing another human trafficking job for a very rich man. Accordingly, he asks Rick to be his driver and as predicted, everything goes wrong and Rick is forced to flee to the Philippines. In the meantime, Uncle Cheung himself is captured; Lap decides to sacrifice herself to triad boss Shen in order to free her father.

Fast forward to six years later, Rick, who has now become a hitman,
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