25 Best Elder Scrolls Quests

Matthew Byrd Apr 23, 2019

Epic hangovers, murder mysteries, dungeon masters, and Lovecraftian villages. These are the best quests in Elder Scrolls history.

Many of the best RPG quests in gaming belong to the Elder Scrolls series. Yes, we love Fallout, Knights of the Old Republic, The Witcher, and lots other entries in the genre, but there is something special about the quests in the Elder Scrolls games.

Long ago, Bethesda's creative team decided that it was time to abandon the tried and true nature of "go here, get this, bring it back" RPG quests in favor of open-world opportunities that offer something a little bit...different. Since then, each Elder Scrolls game has featured at least one assignment that is so fully-realized and inventive that you'd almost swear the entire game was made just to feature this one storyline. That is until you run into the next great quest and
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