Resident Evil 2’s Item Balance Took Tons Of Trial And Error, Says Capcom

Getting Resident Evil 2‘s item/resource management metagame into the pitch-perfect shape required for launch wasn’t easy, Capcom has revealed. As per the latest issue of Game Informer, co-director for the critically acclaimed survival horror remake, Kazunori Kadoi, states that the secret to that success is trial and error, and a lot of it at that.

Personally, I’ve often found myself pondering how developers decide where, and with what frequency, to place the necessary resources that the player needs to survive and the Resident Evil series, perhaps more than any other, is a prime example of how to get the balance just right. Kadoi’s revelation might make the process sound oh-so-simple, but it’s tough to label it anything but modest.

Make healing items too commonplace, and the player will feel decidedly less unsafe knowing that they have restoratives to fall back on after a nasty zombie bite.
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