Film Review: Sister Street Fighter (1974) by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

After the success of the original ‘Street Fighter,’ a new series was commissioned involving female martial arts actress Etsuko Shihomi to provide a counterbalance to Sonny Chiba’s wild main films. Containing the same kinetic action, wild exploitation elements and crazed villains as well as letting the prowess of Shihomi shine through, this stellar example of Japanese kung-fu and martial arts is now released in a complete collection set with the rest of the franchise on March 5th from Arrow Video.

After her brother’s disappearance, inspector Li Koryu is assigned to look into the same case that caused him to disappear, and begins to look into the drug-smuggling ring of Yokohama. After her initial exploits in trying to get into the group fail, she attracts the attention of Hibiki who’s also been sent to look into the disappearance, and puts her in contact with a
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