Gundam Movie Taps Writer Brian K. Vaughan

David Crow Mar 6, 2019

Legendary Pictures is teaming with Sunrise Inc. to produce the first live-action Gundam movie. And trust us, that's just communication.

It’s a Gundam! The screams of many a pilot were cut short while uttering those words in the vast Gundam universe and the cornucopia of alternate timelines it contains. Indeed, perhaps the most challenging bit about making an American, live-action Gundam movie will simply be picking which anime series to draw from. These are good problems to have. Just ask Legendary Pictures.

Hence why it broke last summer that Legendary Pictures obtained the rights to a live-action Gundam movie from Japan’s Sunrise Inc. The news came out of Los Angeles’ Anime Expo, where it was revealed Legendary Pictures, the production company with long ties to both Universal Pictures and Warner Bros., has partnered with Sunrise Inc. to adapt their longest lasting and most beloved intellectual property for the big screen.
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