MyNetworkTV, 10 Years After Strategic Pivot, Is A Quiet But Steady Engine For Fox

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Exclusive: As the $71.3 billion Disney-Fox deal nears the finish line, there is a steady earner that often gets overlooked among the assets that will remain behind as part of Fox Corp.: MyNetworkTV.

The programming service, launched with fanfare in 2006 as a bid to counter the emerging CW, had to regroup not long after its debut. Its ambitious slate of English-language telenovelas failed to gain traction, the economy was souring, and MyNetworkTV stations were anxious about the trajectory of their advertising revenue as the country entered a financial crisis.

Rather than abandoning the effort, the company’s then-president, Greg Meidel (who has since become president of corporate sibling Twentieth Television) announced a pivot away from a full-blown network approach and toward a tighter programming focus. Over the decade since the 2009 switch — which reduced the MyNet schedule to two hours a night from Monday to Friday and a steady
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