‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Is Bringing On Florence’s Mother For A Major Hope Stolen Baby Twist

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Hey, Bold And The Beautiful fans. We've got some major casting news for you guys in this new article, and it sounds like it could result in a major twist for the Hope stolen baby storyline. It turns out that the producers have decided to bring on the mother of Reese's accomplice Florence! That's right, guys. They're about to make this a family affair. According to the folks over at People.com, the Bold And The Beautiful producers have hired veteran actress Denise Richards to come on and portray Florence's mother Shauna Fulton. The Shauna character is a long term contract role. That means we can expect to see a lot Shauna as well as Florence in the future. Really, it just sounds like they're going to drag this storyline out even more. The official description that's been attached to the new Shauna Fulton character reads like this, "Shauna is a fun-loving,
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