Milad Alami to Helm Dr Drama ‘When the Dust Settles’ (Exclusive)

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Milad Alami to Helm Dr Drama ‘When the Dust Settles’ (Exclusive)
Goteborg, Sweden — After “Borgen” and “Ride Upon the Storm,” Dr Drama’s next ambitious show is a fictional-character driven drama set against a terror attack in a Copenhagen restaurant. Penned by “Dicte” co-creators Ida Maria Rydén and Dorte W. Høgh, the series explores the lives of eight characters before and after the attack, and how their lives and fates interweave.

“When the Dust Settles” will be pitched at Göteborg’s TV Drama Vision (Jan. 30-31) as a work in progress.

Inspired by Altman’s “Short Cuts,” “When the Dust Settles” is among the first multi-plot structured Danish shows. “The Team”’s Stinna Lassen is producing for Dr Drama. Conducting the show is concept director Milad Alami.

“First I found the story to have believable characters; they felt like real people you pass on the street, with diverse social background, sexual orientation, race and age. Alami told Variety, explaining why he was on board.
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