Gavin McInnes Says He ‘Regrets’ Past Remarks After Social Media Bans: ‘I’m Not Guilt Free’ (Video)

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Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes said he regrets many of his past remarks and accepts at least some amount of responsibility after being banned by multiple social media platforms in recent months.

“I do bear … responsibility,” McInnes told ABC reporter Paula Faris during an interview with “Nightline.” “I’m not guilt free in this. There’s culpability there. I shouldn’t have said, you know, violence solves everything or something like that without making the context clear and I regret saying things like that.”

McInnes made clear that he was not apologizing, but punted on whether he would take back any of his past rhetoric if he could.

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On Monday, YouTube banned McInnes, who is also a co-founder of Vice Media. He has also been booted from Facebook and Twitter for terms-of-service violations
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