Everything You Need to Know About Marcus on General Hospital

Stella’s long-lost love, Marcus Godfrey, has arrived on General Hospital, and that’s actor Nigel Gibbs playing the new character. Jordan called Marcus to try and score some points with her future mother-in-law, and Gibbs debuted in the role on Nov. 19. Decades ago, Marcus proposed to Stella, but she turned him down because her sister was ill and she needed to help care for her nephews, Curtis and Thomas. While having a bite with Mike at Kelly's, Stella was stunned to run into Marcus, who had moved to Port Charles because his wife is being treated in town and he wanted to be nearer to her. Despite his marital status, perhaps he could rekindle a little love in Stella’s heart so she could finally change her tune and support Curtis’ marriage to Jordan? “Stella needs to get her groove back!” Vernee Watson previously told Soaps In Depth of her character’s love life.
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