Friend, anybody? Interview with Mayu Akiyama.

Mayu Akiyama – worked in the fashion industry while studying at the Film School of Tokyo. Her graduation production, ‘Garconne – The Woman having both sexes’, featured a refreshingly intersexual protagonist. It was selected for the 11th Tanabe-Benkei Film Festival and was nominated for the Art Center of Tokyo Grand Prix.

‘Rent a friend’ – making friends of the opposite sex in adulthood is hard. Is it even possible? Web magazine editor Nasa Mochizuki meets Sota Yanase, who tells her that he can switch off hist attraction to women any time. Turns out he’s a ‘rental friend’, and Nasa decides to rent him herself. When her roommate Tamaki gets closer to Sota through music, Nasa discovers her contractual relationship with him cannot lead to something more, even if she wants it to. Mayu Akiyama makes her feature debut with this story about the unusual ‘relationship’ between a guy and two gals.

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