Dakota Johnson Has a Secret

  • MUBI
Dakota Johnson in Suspiria.Dakota Johnson looks like she has a secret. Her expression is often opaque, but her eyes are cat-like: teasing, and intelligent. The actress wields her inscrutability like a weapon; in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy it’s a survival tactic that allows her to evade the chokehold grip of a pretty-boy narcissist. In A Bigger Splash, it’s a means of coquetry. In The Social Network, in which she appears for just over three minutes, she plays it for laughs, animating Aaron Sorkin’s script and undercutting an otherwise bro-y college campus conquest with sardonic humor.Daughter of actors Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson and granddaughter to Tippi Hedren, the 29-year-old comes from a line of gifted screen performers. All four demonstrate craft, but only Dakota could be described as withholding. In Suspiria, Johnson’s second collaboration with Guadagnino, her Susie Bannion is also an enigmatic creation.
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