Review: The Desert Bride is a notably convenient marriage of confusion and contemplative companionship for its wandering heroine

Argentine co-directors/co-writers Cecila Atwan's and Valeria Pivato's reflective South American arthouse gem The Desert Bride (a.k.a. La Novia del Desierto ) presents an absorbing, truthful, and observational character study of a radiant middle-aged woman forced to embrace unprepared independence after her professional stability collapses leaving her suddenly vulnerable. This low-key, noteworthy soul-searching romancer is undoubtedly profound and passionate in its depiction of a Chilean working-class maid forced to go on an uncertain journey and leave the simple and safe comforts of her existence behind. As inquisitive filmmakers, both Atwan and Pivato skillfully concoct a quiet, sincere and gently witty dramedy that aptly represents new beginnings yet elusive expectations for an exposed woman clinging to her emotional rebound.  The Desert Bride is simply poetic in its search for the security of...

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