Busan 2018 Review: Fahrenheit 11/9 is More Hot Air than Hot Take

14 years after his Palme D’Or winning Fahrenheit 9/11, documentarian Michael Moore seizes the opportunity to conveniently flip his title and train his satirical eye on American politics once again. Asking simply “How the fuck did this happen?!” Fahrenheit 11/9 charts the rise of Us President Donald J. Trump and how his victory exposed a country more divided than ever, mired by poverty, corruption, racism and gun culture. For more than 30 years, Michael Moore has been one of the loudest and most successful voices in American documentary filmmaking. That is not to say his work is always objective and without its own agenda, but films like Roger & Me and the Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine changed the landscape for non-fiction films. No longer...

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