‘The Venture Bros': Yup, That Clown’s Voice Was Exactly Who You Thought It Was

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(Note: This post contains spoilers for the Sept. 16 episode of “The Venture Bros.”)

Adult Swim’s “The Venture Bros.” loves to slip in extended gags and references to beloved cartoons and movies — and sometimes they’re even the butt of their own jokes.

Viewers watching “The Unicorn in Captivity,” the seventh episode in Season 7 of “The Venture Bros.,” you likely heard a familiar voice in one of the new supervillain characters introduced: Presto Chango, a shapeshifting clown who can stretch his body into all kinds of shapes. Of course, if you’ve got an evil cartoon clown in your comedy about superheroes and villains, there’s really only one choice for casting.

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And yup, Presto Chango is voiced by Mark Hamill, he of “Star Wars” fame and who has voiced Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker,
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