Tiff Review: ‘Our Time’ is an Admirably Awkward Three-Hour Cuckold Drama

At least based of its original title of Where Life is Born, director Carlos Reygadas’ fifth feature film from the outset seemed to promise the ultimate realization of his festival-approved Transcendental Vision. Yet what we finally received instead six years after his last feature is a three-hour cuckold drama that’s thankfully at least a little closer in spirit to the lizard-brained surrealism of Post Tenebras Lux as opposed to his banalization of Dreyer (and still art-house calling card) Silent Light. One almost wants to describe it as admirably awkward; the feeling of both watching a train-wreck unfold in (very) slow-motion and a work of art that very boldly and genuinely seeks to please no one.

In his first misstep, Reygadas casts himself and his wife, Natalia Lopez, in the lead roles of Juan and Esther, respectively, a wealthy couple living on a ranch in the countryside outside Mexico City.
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