9 of the Best Marvel Comics Jokes in ‘The Venture Bros’

  • The Wrap
Few shows have the depth of pop culture knowledge — and ruthless willingness to parody it — that “The Venture Bros.” does. This is especially true for comic books generally, and in particular the Marvel Comics universe.

“The Venture Bros.” is full of references, parodies and straight up jokes about the House of Ideas. There’s even a two-episode joke about the very first Marvel Comics issue from 1939. Here are nine of our favorite Marvel references from the seven seasons of “The Venture Bros.” so far.

Crusaders Action League — The Avengers, but Jerks

The Ventures wind up in New York in Season 6, and there they find the superhero game is a little higher-class than they’re used to. On their first day, they encounter the Crusaders Action League — a group of characters that’s essentially the Avengers with a splash of Justice League. It consists of Stars & Garters, a Captain America analogue
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