Fantasia 2018: ‘Blue My Mind’ Review: Dir. Lisa Brühlmann (2018)

Blue My Mind review: The teenage girl transformation to woman gets another genre slant in this Swiss-German fairytale.

Blue My Mind review by Kat Hughes.

Blue My Mind Review

Over the last few years genre cinema has developed a trend for telling their tales through the female teenage experience. It’s a tumultuous time and that lends itself perfectly to the more macabre cinema. Ginger Snaps, Raw, and most recently Wildling, have used this environment to tell their stories, and now comes Blue My Mind. Whilst not necessarily as horrific in tone as some of the aforementioned films, Blue My Mind will take some true grit to get through as it’s not the easiest of watches.

Our story follows Mia (Luna Wedler), the new girl in a new school. In a bid to fit in, she sets her sights on joining the gang of cool troublemakers. As she embarks on her mission,
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