Art on the BBC: The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci – the man, his art and his TV career

Kenneth (Civilisation) Clark, Henry Moore and other ghosts from the BBC Archives bring us a bargain-basement portrait of the renaissance man

Janina Ramirez, the art historian, is walking purposefully towards me, along a corridor. It has become a television bugbear for me, the “approach” approach to presenting, walk and talk. Like the – worse still – camera whirling around the head thing, Aka helicoptering. I mind less if the walk is connected to what they are saying, if they are pointing things out as they go. But Ramirez is talking about the Mona Lisa and she is not in the Louvre, she is in Blenheim Palace. It is walking for the sake of walking and I find it a little unsettling. Ramirez is great and has lots of interesting things to say. She makes me want to sit and listen, not feel as if I am walking backwards and worrying about tripping over.
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