Ronnie Rowe in Official Trailer for Cory Bowles' Indie Film 'Black Cop'

"If you claim that you don't support something, challenge it." Samuel Goldwyn has unveiled a trailer for the indie film Black Cop, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and has been hitting tons of festivals over the last five months. The film is about a black police officer who is pushed to the edge, taking out his frustrations on the privileged community he's sworn to protect. Up-and-coming actor Ronnie Rowe (seen on "Star Trek: Discovery") stars as "Black Cop", along with Sophia Walker, Sebastien Labelle, Simon Paul Mutuyimana, Christian Murray, Ambyr Dunn, and Jeff Schwager. This is labeled as a drama, but one of the quotes say it's "jet-black satire", and there's some dark humor in this trailer. It almost seems like Falling Down, about a black cop who gets pissed off and starts throwing white cops into the dumpster. Here's the official release trailer (+ poster) for Cory Bowles' Black Cop,
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