‘The Devil’s Well’ Review

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Stars: Bryan Manley Davis, Anne-Marie Mueschke, Chris Viemeister, Lauren Sowa, Kris Manners | Written and Directed by Kurtis Spieler

The Devil’s Well and living in New England, it seems. The found footage subgenre shows no signs of giving up the ghost – but, on this evidence, it’s showing plenty of signs of stagnation.

Karla Marks (Anne-Marie Mueschke), a paranormal activity enthusiast, went missing during a trip to visit the fabled “Devil’s Well”, a supposed gateway to Hell hidden in a creepy abandoned building. The first half of the film is mostly comprised of talking heads interviews with local police officers, lawyers and the main suspect himself: Bryan (Bryan Manley Davis), Karla’s husband, who was with her when she vanished. There’s a lot of dry and frankly dull speculation about what might have happened. The script is flavourless.

Then, like Cannibal Holocaust, which also left its found footage stuff for the second half,
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