New biographical Hunter S. Thompson TV project on the way

Tony Sokol Kirsten Howard Oct 25, 2017

MGM will turn the life of Gonzo Godfather Hunter S. Thompson into a new TV treat. Drink deep, it's good for you...

"When times get weird, the weird turn pro," Hunter S. Thompson once wrote. It’s been 13 years since the father of Gonzo journalism decided to end his life - ending the games, the fun, the walking and the swimming. Since then, times have gotten weirder than any hallucinogenic chemical fantasia might have imagined. So, maybe it's time for an authorised, televised Hunter S. Thompson biography to tell the story.

There are no details on what it will be, but it will be directed by Davey Homes, who runs the TV adaptation of Elmore Leonard's 1990 novel Get Shorty, and written by Bob Nelson, who wrote screenplays for The Confirmation and Nebraska. The Thompson biography project is being produced by MGM Television.

"Davey is
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