Hulu and Esl Reach A Deal to Create 4 Esports Shows

  • Cinelinx
Hulu is adding 4 esports-centered shows to their streaming service, this fall! Come inside to learn more about them!

It's no secret that esports has become a worldwide sensation in a short period of time. Ratings show that hundreds of thousands of fans will gather in front of their smartphone screens or computers to watch their favorite teams play in some of the most competitive games. With it becoming such a hot-commodity it's a small wonder why Hulu would want to get in while the getting is good.

Enter Esl.

Hulu and Esl have announced a partnership to stream 4 brand-new esports shows centered around esports, not just the tournaments. Here are the shows:

Player V. Player. A gamified debate show with casters and esports influencers facing off over the hottest topics in esports. Panelists accrue points while debating both newsy and big picture topics for ultimate bragging rights, with a final
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