Death Cannot Stop One Mother's Desire for Revenge in Rv: Resurrected Victims

Tagline: "Vengeance Brings the Dead to Life." Asian cinema continues to dazzle. The latest from Korea is Rv: Resurrected Victims. The film plays out like a crime thriller, set in a horror world. In the film, murder victims return from the dead, to take revenge on their killers. Well Go USA Entertainment will release this terrifying title this October. The film was directed by Korean director Kyung-taek Kwak (Eye for an Eye, 2008). And, Rv: Resurrected Victims stars: Rae-won Kim (Gagnam Blues, 2015), Hae-suk Kim and Dong-il Sung. A preview for this thriller's launch is hosted here. The film's official trailer shows a mother rising from the dead. Her own son is her murderer, or he is at least complicit in her death. The mother returns from the grave, seven years later. Strangely, she is in good health. Now, it is a battle to the death or re-death as mother faces son
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