Interview: Kuso Co-Writer/Director Steve (aka Flying Lotus) Discusses Taking Risks For His Directorial Debut

Earlier in 2017, acclaimed hip hop artist Flying Lotus (who is also known as Steve) celebrated the world premiere of his directorial debut, Kuso, at the Sundance Film Festival, and now, the film is heading home exclusively to Shudder today (and it also begins a one-week engagement at Cinefamily in Los Angeles too). Daily Dead had the chance to speak with Steve about transitioning from the realm of music to filmmaker, taking chances as an artist, working with his cast and more.

Great to speak with you, Steve, and congrats on finding a home for Kuso with Shudder. I would love if you could start off discussing how much your work in the music industry helped prepare you to transition to the world of film. I know you’ve been doing videos, and doing video and music work with Adult Swim too, so this seems like a natural progression for your career.
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