It Looks Like The Vanishing Point Will Play A Crucial Role In Generations

If you’ve been keeping up with the recent happenings at Marvel, then you’re well aware of Generations, an upcoming endeavor consisting of ten one-shots uniting heroes who have adopted various mantles, both past and present. In other words, expect to see team-ups featuring the likes of Wolverines Laura Kinney and Logan, and even Thors Odinson and Jane Foster.

What’s more is that we recently discovered this seemingly standalone tale will, in fact, have some sort of intertwining with Secret Empire, the House of Ideas’ currently in progress major crossover event. Sure, we probably won’t know all of the specifics until the actual periodicals ship, but it remains clear that something called “the Vanishing Point” is the reasoning for these otherwise anachronistic team-ups.

One thing’s for certain: this isn’t the Vanishing Point we’ve come to know from DC Comics, but it does sound similar
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