Dough review – half-baked comedy

A young drug dealer hatches a scheme to conceal his product in baked goods, with implausible consequences

Best filed alongside tandoori chicken pizza in the list of hybrid recipes that should never have left the kitchen, Dough is an overcooked comedy about a Jewish baker who employs a young Muslim assistant who also happens to be a drug dealer. With the accidental addition of a “special” ingredient, the challah is suddenly a lot more popular with a new and varied customer base. Jonathan Pryce and the very likable Jerome Holder, as Nat and Ayyash respectively, do their best with the painfully contrived material. But the fact remains that concealing drugs in low-cost bread products is the kind of half-baked idea that even the most inept dealer would reject as a business plan, and credibility issues contaminate the mixture along with the fistfuls of weed.

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