Why Dirty Sci-Fi Is The Best Sci-Fi

This week Neil Calloway argues that one thing unites all the best science fiction…

Guardians of the Galaxy, the original Star Wars movies, Alien, and Firefly all have something in common. The obvious thing is that they’re all science fiction, but if I was just listing sci-fi surely I’d have included Star Trek, too. They’re all science fiction, but they’re also what I’d call “dirty space movies”.

You know a dirty space movie when you see it; everything is a little more battered in it, a little bit darker, the characters are a lot cooler and more likeable. Clean utopias might be nice fantasies, but how many times did you pretend to be characters from Star Trek when you were a kid compared to how many times you pretended to be Han Solo? The fact is, we prefer our science fiction darker, dirtier, the good
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