Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Friendly Fire

Is getting justice for the murder of one man worth breaking the military cone of silence?

On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 5,  Peter thought so and was even willing to risk his job for it.

The murder victim's father chalked it up to Peter not understanding how it works because he hadn't served. When Peter found a way to get what he wanted, Jeffries had to grudgingly admit he was correct.

Who was right in this case?

Moral dilemmas seem to be one of the things Chicago Justice does best, and I was excited about this particular one.

It was hard not to agree with Peter when he wanted justice for a man murdered because he wanted to tell the truth, and his argument for government transparency is especially appealing in the current political climate.

As Jeffries pointed out, there are certainly times when it doesn't make sense to tell the truth,
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