Darkwing Duck Was Set in a Different Duckiverse than Ducktales, Creator Discusses Inspiration

I absolutely loved Darkwing Duck when I was growing up! That was a cartoon that my brothers and I used to watch all the time. It premiered in 1991 and ran for three seasons before it was cancelled, before the TV networks got cheap and replaced it with crappy TV.

The classic Disney series featured the voice of Jim Cummings as the dangerous hero, Christine Cavanaugh as his daughter Gosalynm and Terry McGovern as his sidekick Launchpad. The series is described as combining “the kitchiness of Silver Age comics and the gags of the Golden Age of Warner Bros. animation.”

During a recent interview with THR, Darkwing Duck creator Tad Stones talked about his show and offered some interesting insight into how it came to be and why they did some of the things they did with it.

"I told the guys, every episode you have to do at least one catch phrase,
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