Comic Book Reviews: Marvel Round-Up Week 07-20-2016

Comic Book Reviews: Marvel Round-Up Week 07-20-2016

After a nice vacation overseas, I’ve returned to see how much has Civil War II invaded the nice worlds of my favorite comic book series! In some cases it’s bad! And in others, not so bad. Regardless, I know a bunch of big changes are coming to the Marvel U, and Civil War II is just the tip of the iceberg. So sit back, read some reviews and see if anything strikes your fancy this week!

A-Force #7

Story: Kelly Thompson Art: Ben Caldwell, Scott Hanna Colors: Ian Herring

Review: We are finally getting the wrap up issue of the Countess Saga! Not an official name, just what I’m calling it. For the past several issues, we’ve seen the team completely fail to stop the Villainess and become powerless to the mind controlled Nico. Well no more! Kelly
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