'Curly Sue' Star Makes Surprise Comeback on 'The Voice'

'Curly Sue' Star Makes Surprise Comeback on 'The Voice'
Curly Sue has the unique distinction of being the final film directed by 80s teen movie king John Hughes, and marked his decent into much more family friendly fare. A favorite amongst nostalgia hounds, the comedy's star Alisan Porter has only appeared in a handful of roles since taking the lead in this tale of a hobo and his young companion. Now, Alisan Porter has made a comeback in the most unlikeliest of places. And she shows off an amazing new talent to boot.

Yes, Curly Sue is back. And guess what? She can sing. Appearing on The Voice Season 10, she shocked the judges, who rushed to turn their chairs. We have the clip from this show, which shows off her vocal talents and why she just became a big contender in this latest season of the singing competition, which returns this Monday.

Alisan Porter belted out her own rendition of Blue Bayou.
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